I am Paul de Mercey, a web developer from France, settled in Tokyo since 2009.

I love to create graphics, design user experience and write pieces of code to glue those things together. By code I mean javascript and PHP mainly, sometimes I use a cms like Drupal, a framework (CodeIgniter, pureMVC...), or some other disruptive technology I like to try out (haXe).

On occasion I also draw graphic stories and when ideas are surfacing, I design small and simple games.

You are welcome to drop me an email here contact,pauldemercey,net

You can find me on Twitter too @pauldemercey.


Paul de Mercey, web design and development

Welcome to my portfolio. You will find here a selection of projects on which I have been working recently. For more info, simply click here.

Comité des forêts

comité des forêts

Comité des forêts is a french corporation of forest owners. That project is using SPIP an easy to use CMS popular in the French speaking community.

Raphaël de Mercey

Raphael de Mercey, artiste peintre

Raphaël de Mercey is an artist, painter. I set up a blog where he can showcase his work.



Forêt-Patrimoine is an estate officer specialized in forest transaction. I set up a modular CMS, Drupal that allows them to manage their announcements. This modular system allowed me to develop a custom forest search engine too.
Through numerous vector illustrations we created an image that eventually distinguishes from the many competitors.

La Boissière

la Boissière

La Boissière is a Bed & Beakfeast located in French Périgord. The site lets you visit the rooms or retrieve some information about your stay. You can also make a reservation through a form.

Lib & Staël

LS Chemise

Lib & Staël is a bespoke shirt online shop. They were in need of a flash application that would draw a visual of the shirt according to the user preferences. You can choose the fabric, the button color or the collar shape...
Creating that application was a technical challenge using very diverse technologies.

Doctor Nina Roos

docteur Nina Roos

Doctor Nina Roos, is a Parisian dermatologist who opened a practice specializing in cosmetic dermatology. I designed and set up this educational website.

Téléconférence gratuite

Téléconférence gratuite

I created the corporate design of this teleconference service. This service is one of the many that are run by BJT Partners a French telecom operator with which I have been working closely when living in Paris.


Digital catalog

Monsieur is a cosmetic brand built on the universe of the famous fashion designer. This application was designed for usb flash drive integration. The idea was to display the products on a Parisian subway line map.

Project tags : Graphic design, Flash/Actionscript See the images:
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Dermatologie et Esthétique

Dermatology and cosmetic

Dr Nina Roos's blog on which the doctor comments the news of the dermatological field.

Nippon News

Nippon News

Nippon News is a Tokyo based photo agency. The achievement of that website required the integration of wordpress with photoshelter a platform for selling photos.

Jump Jump

Jump Jump

For a Tokyo based DJ, I designed a very simple black layout. I simply customized a blogger template to achieve it.


Brandomo Login screen

Brandomo was a new comer in the Japanese private sales business, the site was active 8 months in 2011. I designed the UI and the UX of that project and also developed a few php features.